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About Del Negro Integrative Health

About Del Negro Integrative Health - Functional Medicine in Red Bank, NJ

About Del Negro Integrative Health: 

We believe that so much of the “acute care” approach to medicine works well. The urgent care needed for treatment of a hip fracture, appendicitis or the flu works as designed. There is a specific drug, specific procedure or a specific specialty well equipped to successfully manage these immediate concerns.  

Unfortunately, what modern medicine is seeing now is that the acute approach to medical care doesn’t address the explosion of chronic complex diseases. Everyone knows friends and family who are struggling with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, mental stress, malignancies or autoimmune disease. It seems as if the tools taught to medical students to prevent and treat disease don’t take into account our lifestyle, social connections, stressors, unique genetic makeup or environmental influences. 

The Integrative / Functional Medicine approach combines conventional Western medicine with science based functional nutrition, mind-body connection, lifestyle changes, and pharmaceutical and herbal supplementation as needed. It is patient centered, where collaboration and mutual decision making are vital. Listening to the patient’s story and utilizing specialized diagnostic testing helps tailor a personalized approach to wellness. 

The Del Negro Integrative Health toolbox is filled with stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs along side the “matrix”, an innovative  tool to organize a patient’s clinical imbalances into specific biological systems.  Illness doesn’t occur in isolation and the matrix allows us to explore the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms. It is also filled with real food, nutrition, breathing techniques, resilience,  and purpose. 

The mission of Del Negro Integrative Health is to empower our community to embrace healthy behaviors and optimal wellness. Robyn Del Negro is board certified in Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and is completing specialty certification in Functional Medicine. She follows the latest scientific research and utilizes cutting edge diagnostics. 

About Del Negro Integrative Health - Functional Medicine in Red Bank, NJ
About Del Negro Integrative Health - Functional Medicine in Red Bank, NJ

About Robyn Del Negro, MD

Robyn C. Del Negro M.D. is a board certified physician, practicing conventional based western medicine since 1993. With encouragement from her family and friends, and with inspiration from her patients and the community around her, she returned to school and completed a post-MD two year fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Upon successful completion of the Integrative Medicine Board Certification she acquired specialty training with the Institute of Functional Medicine. “Viewing the world around me through a different lens, one that includes purpose, gratitude and connection, has allowed me to discover a path to become a more empathetic, caring and understanding wife, mother, friend and physician”

Robyn loves sharing all she has learned, including the benefits of broccoli, breathing, and listening. Her mission is to empower her community to embrace healthy behaviors and optimal wellness. 

About Del Negro Integrative Health - Functional Medicine in Red Bank, NJ

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