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Research into early human beings has shown that the human body have evolved to use glucose and fat as energy sources. Regularly shifting between burning these energy sources is known as being metabolically flexible. Becoming metabolically flexible makes weight easier to control, lowers inflammation, and may protect against chronic disease.

The body utilizes glucose for energy (glucose burning model) when food is in abundance, usually carbohydrate-rich foods. High carbohydrates meals cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. The glucose eaten is absorbed into the bloodstream and used immediately for energy in your cells, stored (glycogen), or converted for long-term storage (fat).

The body may never move beyond using glucose as an energy source with high carbohydrates diets that include many sugary and highly processed foods. Excess glucose can build up in the blood can cause obesity, inflammation, and Type 2 diabetes.
The body knows to switch to utilizing fat for energy (fat burning model) when your carbohydrate foods are limited/restricted or stored glycogen is low. It is more efficient to tap into and metabolize your body’s fat stores for energy.

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Robyn C. Del Negro, MD, a board-certified physician, has been practicing conventional-based western medicine since 1993. She completed a post-MD multi-year fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and received specialty training with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Del Negro loves empowering her community to embrace healthy behaviors and optimize wellness.

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