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Introduction to Del Negro Integrative Health

Hello, I’m Dr. Robyn Del Negro! First of all, thanks for stopping by my website and blog! You may be wondering, “Who is this person? What does she do? What does Integrative Health even mean?” More on that later, but first a little about me…

I’m a Jersey girl. I grew up in Middlesex County, spent many summers in traffic on the Garden State Parkway on my way to the Jersey Shore, and met my own Jersey boy while in medical school here in the state. We have raised four children in Rumson, and both have practiced medicine for almost 30 years in Monmouth County. 

I have been a hospital based physical medicine and rehabilitation physician for my entire
career, working part-time while my children were young. I was drawn to the field of PM&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) because it was a “whole person” specialty. Their stories were hard. A young man with a spinal cord injury from a diving accident, a young amputee from a motor vehicle accident, a recent retiree now paralyzed on one side from a stroke. You weren’t able to separate their challenges into neatly arranged organ systems like the heart, kidneys, and musculoskeletal. Everything mushed together – their emotional response, their family dynamics, their limitations washing over every aspect of their lives. I loved being part of their journey as they healed. 

Fast forward 25 years. I was given a gift as I stumbled upon the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship for physicians. Initiated by Andrew Weil M.D. 20 years prior, the timing was prime for a new lens to look at medicine and health. More and more people were searching for an alternative, less invasive, and more holistic approach to their health. The fellowship combined study in nutrition, mind-body connection, lifestyle changes, along with conventional medicine, surgery, and both pharmaceutical and herbal supplementation. It also emphasized the patient centered care model so that mutual decisions and goals were used to explore disease and prevention. It highlighted resilience and purpose as missing puzzle pieces to wellness. It was personally transformative and ignited a desire to change how I practice medicine. I am proud to say I completed and passed the board certification process for Integrative Medicine . 

I am now continuing my studies in the realm of Functional Medicine. This next layer of study looks at the root cause of chronic disease and how our lifestyle choices impact our health. The scientific evidence is overwhelming. Our nutrition, sleep, level of stress, and psychological well-being all contribute to our health at a cellular level. 

My husband and I recently became empty nesters and it seemed the perfect time for me to expand my integrative / functional medicine practice, “Del Negro Integrative Health”.  I am eager to incorporate more of a collaborative approach to medicine with my patients.  People today are hungry for change and inspired to rediscover wellness.

I’d like to introduce my new office location under construction, located at 200 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ in the recently renovated and really hip Anderson Building. Please spend some time checking out my website for membership details and dates of anticipated construction completion.  See if we might be a good fit. 

Become empowered, Robyn C. Del Negro MD 

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