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REDISCOVER wellness nutrition sleep mental health  stress management 

The Rediscover Wellness Series is a FREE seminar intended to help you better understand the principles of functional health and how it affects your daily life. 

Join Dr. Robyn Del Negro and invited guests to discuss all things wellness including: diet and nutrition, avoiding illness, yoga, acupuncture, mental health, stress management, and so much  more.

Area professionals will also bring their own industry knowledge to share with the the group. Rediscover Wellness is free of charge and open to the public. Sign up below to reserve your seat and begin the journey to better health!

All seminars will be held at Del Negro Integrative Health on the third floor of the Anderson Building, 200 Monmouth Street, Suite 350 in Red Bank, NJ.

Rediscover Wellness Series - Sign Up Now
The Del Negro Team Health Coach Dr. Jean Maria Blodi

Seminar: REDISCOVER Emotional Balance with Essential Oils.

Tuesday, July 13th at 6:30pm(ET)

This event is an in-person with limited 15 guests. 

Our Guest Speaker is: Jeanne Blodi 

Jeanne Marie Blodi is the Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Del Negro Integrative Health where she walks alongside Dr. Del Negro’s patients as they process their care plan. Jeanne listens to each patient’s concerns of personal challenges and provides education, support, accountability, and inspiration to them as they navigate the best steps through their unique journey. Jeanne loves sharing her knowledge of essential oils with others. She will be talking about the key benefits of essential oils and how to use them.