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Ongoing Membership for Support & Learning

Billed Monthly (After Completion of Restore Wellness)

Reimagine Wellness Includes:

• Tailored for those folks looking to address ongoing symptoms or make changes for peak performance

• One full year of care and access to our Membership Benefits

• 2 doctors visits – Most patients see their physicians once a year for 15 minutes. Our first in-depth evaluation is 75 minutes in-person, with a 60 minute follow up. All subsequent visits are 30 minutes (in person or online). We review your medical history, matrix, and long term health goals together to collaborate on a path to wellness.

• 2 lifestyle coaching visits – 30 minute (in person or online) to improve habit building, mindfulness, exercise and dietary instruction,  and advanced lab testing recommendations to understand how inflammation, metabolic health, nutrition and genetics influence your health (additional costs may apply depending on your insurance)

• Advanced lab testing and supplements prescribed based on your personalized plan, additional costs may apply

• 20 percent discount on quality medical grade supplements

• Personalized binder to organize your medical past, present and future

• Unlimited Messaging via patient portal 

• Free access to master classes covering topics from gut health to anxiety/depression 

• Collaboration with your primary care doctor so your medical team is all on the same page

• Once you complete your one year health transformation, you have the option to retain access for discounted supplements