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Del Negro Integrative Health - Testimonial 1

I can’t say enough about Dr. Del Negro and her staff. I found Dr. Del Negro in a local magazine as I was in search of a medical doctor that didn’t just practice conventional medicine but incorporated functional medicine too. As I am approaching 50 this year, I am definitely noticing minor changes in my overall general health that I have not experienced before. I wanted a medical doctor that could help me, but not just by prescribing medication and sending me on my way. I was looking for a more personal experience. I have definitely started going through my changes. I heard other woman’s horrible stories about what to expect and refused to buy into it. I was determined to go about it in a very proactive way knowing that some things were going to be out of my control but also knowing most things were within my control. When I initially went onto Dr. Del Negro’s patient portal service to register as a potential patient I was completely impressed with the comprehensive health questionnaire I had to fill out. It was at that point that I realized no other doctor had ever asked me such thorough questions before. I felt very comfortable being honest because I knew the more honest I was the more I would be able to be helped. This was just the beginning of the incredible journey I was about to embark on with my personal healthcare. I loved that Dr. Del Negro incorporated so much blood work and was going to test for things that I have never before been tested. I knew at this very moment I was in the right place. Dr. Del Negro’s bedside manner is unmatched to any doctor I have ever experienced. She is understanding, compassionate and very real, and not to mention extremely smart. She is empathetic and a great listener. The follow up has been incredible and her staff is also so wonderful, always reaching out and checking in to make sure everything is OK and that I don’t have any questions. In the past 6 months of being under her care I have noticed major changes in myself, all for the better. The nutritionist Jeanne is also amazing. She has taught me so much that I never knew about food and how to read labels. She has shared recipes and helped me find the right foods that make me feel great! I enjoy speaking with her and look forward to our next appointment. Stephanie is the lead in the office, coordinating everything and following up all the time. Stephanie couldn’t be nicer. If you are looking for a practice that treats your whole mind, body and soul you are in the right place! I am 1000% happy with my choice to have Dr. Del Negro as my Integrative Medicine physician. I have to say I am hooked for life!!