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Bear with me, it’s science geek time!

We know that our DNA makes us unique. The 2003 Human Genome Project offered a glimpse of hope that understanding genes would help us achieve greater health. More recently, testing companies like 23 and Me made a lot of promises but under-delivered. Research today has shown that while our genes are fixed they are not our destiny. The secret sauce is that choices + genetics = health. I am happy to be partnering with 3×4 Genetics, the next generation of DNA testing that understands how our lives are defined by our daily choices and each of us has the power to pursue health goals through these choices.

When I view my patients though the lens of their genetic blueprint, I can fine tune my recommendations. Personalized, actionable and sustainable choices guides patients to their health goals. When you add in Epigenetics (the light switch that turns genes on/off), you truly have precision medicine. Our exposure to triggers (stress, chemicals, sleep, exercise, drugs and diet) plays a role in epigenetic expression.

The 3×4 process is best explained by using a symphony orchestra. The conductor guides the musicians and the music score’s notes are our DNA. Ultimately, the conductor has control over the volume and speed of those notes played, but not which notes are played. Our own epigenetics determine whether we end up with a beautiful symphony or unrefined noise.

I am beyond excited to announce a brand new opportunity to learn more about the role genetics play in our health! Decoding Your Genes: A Masterclass for Enhancing Wellness is a special masterclass all about genetics. This masterclass will include a medical-grade cheek swab for genetic results that can lead you to a whole array of actionable insights to achieve better health. Jeanne Marie Blodi, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and I will discuss general recommendations (optimizing your eating, exercise, lifestyle choices, and more) so when you get your test results, you can pivot concerning daily choices. There will also be the opportunity to discuss options on taking a deeper dive into your test results one-on-one.

Genetic testing + daily choices = great health

Robyn C. Del Negro, MD
-Board-certified PM & R and Integrative Medicine physician since 1993
-Fellowship at Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
-Specialized training with Institute of Functional Medicine