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Most approach health and wellness as a one-size-fits-all plan – prescribing the same diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. But everyone is unique. So why isn’t healthcare tailored to the unique individual?

In the last decade, ancestry companies have heavily marketed genetic testing. There’s an allure of finding out where you came from (or uncovering family secrets!) With a vast array of at-home tests, everyday people can test their DNA. Unfortunately, due to the popularity and widespread marketing of ancestry tests, most people aren’t aware of the other amazing benefits genetic testing can provide.

While ancestry testing only tells you WHERE your family came from, genetic testing uncovers genetic variants that give deeper insight into: 

  • How your cells and systems function
  • Optimizing what and how you’re eating
  • The best ways to include movement and exercise for your unique needs
  • Lifestyle choices that help you achieve better health
  • And so much more!

Your genetics can also point toward the root causes of illness and disease. This helps us create a unique and customized treatment approach to correctly build your health and wellness. 

Our knowledge of how genes work and impact our bodies continues to grow. Genetic testing provides more detailed information that allows us to work together in creating a health and wellness plan suitable to you.

Ready to dig in and learn more about how our genetics impact your health? Here are some great options to check out:

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Robyn C. Del Negro, MD
-Board-certified PM & R and Integrative Medicine physician since 1993
-Fellowship at Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
-Specialized training with Institute of Functional Medicine