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Functional Medicine

Del Negro Integrative Health is a premier functional medicine clinic located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Connect with Robyn C. Del Negro, M.D. to experience healthcare in a new way. We treat the root causes of disease and help you live your best life! 

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Robyn C. Del Negro, M.D. Functional Medicine Red Bank

Your Best Self

Lifestyle, nutrition, and mindfulness are all key factors in living your best self. Our personalized care plan and whole body approach to wellness can help you achieve your full health potential.

We listen, collaborate and give you the tools to rediscover wellness.

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Millions of Americans are affected by ongoing chronic conditions….Our approach to medicine is about changing the focus to one of health and healing rather than disease. 

Robyn C. Del Negro, Functional Medicine Red Bank

What Goes In

Most people never realize that what we consume directly affects every part of our physical and mental well being. Beyond how we physically feel, our mind and mood is directly affected by nutrition. 

We build a custom health plan for you using relationship centered care and advanced testing. Our philosophy of health is based on a balance of mind, body and spirit. 

Let's Strategize!

One 15-minute strategy call starts you on the path to feeling great and living your true self. Just a few moments of your time will result in a complete change in your approach to well being.

"Food has the power to heal us. It is the most potent tool we have to prevent and treat many of our chronic diseases."

Dr. Mark Hyman
Robyn C. Del Negro, M.D. Functional Medicine Red Bank

Health is not found in isolated parts but throughout the whole. This continuum starts with ourselves, is influenced by lifestyle choices and genetics, and is shaped by the world we live in.

Functional medicine addresses the common causes of chronic disease, and looks at the whole of health and wellness. 

Learn More About the Rediscover Wellness Series

Rediscover Wellness Series - Sign Up Now

 The Del Negro Integrative Health team hosts a monthly series, called Rediscover Wellness. The seminar teaches the fundamentals of functional medicine, and is available to anyone on the Red Bank area.

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