Del Negro Integrative Health, Functional Medicine Red Bank
The Del Negro Team Health Coach Dr. Jean Maria Blodi

Jeanne Marie Blodi

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Jeanne Marie Blodi is the Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Del Negro Integrative Health where she walks alongside Dr. Del Negro’s patients as they process their care plan. Jeanne listens to each patient’s concerns of personal challenges and provides education, support, accountability, and inspiration to them as they navigate the best steps through their unique journey. Patients may be nervous when they first get started but Jeanne’s mission is to help them to feel empowered to take charge of their own wellness. This empowerment helps them identify ways to feel better and reach their desired wellness goals. Jeanne encourages practicing small, actionable steps to build upon positive behavior change. Small steps lead to big strides!

Jeanne can meet patients in-person (masked for the time being) or via tele-health for sessions.